Uncharted is known as one of the best series in gaming history especially on PlayStation. This game is the fourth main entry in the "Uncharted" series. Considered as one of the best games in this generation, it is an action-adventure game which is a sequel of "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception." "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End" describes the remarkably ending saga of Nathan Drake. The story of this game is written by popular game writers Neil Druckmann and Josh Scherr. Neil Druckmann also wrote a few other famous games, such as "The Last of Us." This game has both a past and present timeline story of the Uncharted franchise. "Uncharted 4" is also a PS4 exclusive game and this game creates history like most other PS4 exclusive games. This is why this game has sold more than 16 million copies worldwide becoming the highest-selling Uncharted game and one of the best-selling games on PS4. "Uncharted 4" has 22 chapters along with a prologue and an epilogue and is an excellent single-player journey. This game is like a rollercoaster ride and an amazing experience for 'Uncharted' fans and those who love to play great adventure storyline games. Storyline Nathan drake is the protagonist of this evergreen game. He is a retired treasure hunter and a thief in this game. His brother Samuel Drake is also a thief and a treasure hunter. The impressive plot has Nathan (Nate) Drake and his brother Samuel (Sam) Drake expend money to enter a prison. Because, near this prison there is a hint of Captain Henry Every's Lost treasure of 400 million dollars, which is the biggest pirate treasure of all time. Their friend Rafe Adler is also in prison with them. Near this prison are very old pirate prisoners where Every's friend was also coming. Nate goes to this prison and finds a statue of Saint Dismas. He shows that statue to Sam and Rafe and they realise there is nothing inside. A prison officer sees this and wants them to share 25 percent of the statue sale but Rafe kills the officer and they start to escape from jail. But while fleeing, Sam gets shot so Drake and Rafe flees without Sam. After this incident, 15 years have passed. One day Sam comes back and says that when he was shot, the jail doctors treated him and put him in prison again. He also says that when he was in prison he told about Every's treasure to a drug lord whose name is Hector Alcazar. Sam tells him he will look for the treasure when he gets out of prison and Alcazar helps him to escape from the prison but he tells Sam that if he can't find the treasure of Avery in three months for him, his members will kill him. So, Sam asks Nate to help him find the treasure and even though Nate does not do these things now, he agrees to this mission to save Sam's life. He joins his old friend Victor Sullivan in this mission and they begin their journey to find Henry Avery's lost fortune. But Rafe Adler becomes the main obstacle in their mission as he is still behind this treasure. Rafe gets a partner here named Nadine Rose who is the owner of Shoreline company (a private army). Nate, Sam, Sully and Elena (Nate's spouse who joined the mission in the middle of the game) keep moving forward and solve various riddles and puzzles. They all travel around the world, through jungle isles, bustling cities and snow-capped peaks in search of this long lost treasure. Storyline twists and the way the characters have been built up from the very beginning of the story makes this game outstanding. Gameplay Players will have to play the game as Nathan Drake and go to various places in the world such as mountains, forests, and seas and from there they have to survive and move on to the lost fortune of pirate Henry Every. In this game, players use different types of guns, weapons, melee combat and stealth to stand up against Rafe and Nadine's gang. Players have to go forward by solving various puzzles and hints and will feel very excited solving these historical puzzles of pirates. Players have to go through very dangerous and risky paths in this game such as on the edge of the hill and climbing up a high mountain hill. You can do these things smoothly with your Dualshock 4 controller. On the way, there are many traps which you have to escape tactically. You will also have to search in the island and sea. Car chases of this game are wonderful, especially the car chase in Madagascar, which is called one of the best car chases in gaming history. Swinging with a rope, driving vehicles, sailing ships along with stunning graphics - especially the amazing imagination of game scenery - have made this game outstanding. Multiplayer Multiplayer mode of this game is amazing as 10 players can play together in competitive gameplay. There are many types of multiplayer game modes in this game like 'Command', 'Plunder' and 'Deathmatch'. My favourite mode is 'Team Deathmatch' and in this mode there are two teams fighting against each other. Here you have to kill a specific number of players of the opposite team and the team that reaches the goal first will win. There special 'Mysticals' which gives supernatural powers to the players in multiplayer mode. A new feature was introduced in December 2016 which enables three players to fight together against enemies Conclusion Overall it is a great, legendary, outstanding and an evergreen game. This game won the Bafta Games Award in the 'Best Game' category, The Game Award for 'Best Performance', The Game Award for 'Best Narrative' among other awards. This game was nominated for a total of 18 awards including the 'Game of the Year' award. A legendary storyline, superb action, thrilling adventure, stunning graphics and visuals, tricky puzzles, history, excellent car chases and some major twists have made this game worthy of these awards. The affection between the Drake brothers along with the characters of Sully and Elena in supporting roles in this game are aspects players will enjoy. Not to mention, the soundtrack of this game will take you to another world. Although this game was created four years ago, the graphics in this game are even better than the graphics in many games today. The PlayStation Productions and The Atlas Entertainment are even willing to make a movie in 2021 on Uncharted for its worldwide fame. You cannot guess easily what is coming next, what twists are waiting for you in this nail-biting adventure. Players can learn a lot about pirate history from this game because this game is based on the true history of one of the greatest pirates of all time - Henry Every's life. So, every gamer should play this game and after the end of this game one will wish for this game to be longer. This is the best game I have ever played. Once you dive into this game you can't get up without finishing this journey. I didn't see any glitches or problems throughout the game. If you don't play this game, you will miss one of the great experiences in gaming history. Overall my rating: 10/10 (Masterpiece)

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